KALAMANDIR Art School has started in Coimbatore in 1996 by Mr.SURESH, a skilled artist, art teacher. The institution being dedicated to art education employs simple, unique & friendly teaching methods. KALAMANDIR believes, through a living artist’s continuous inspiration & an artful environment will surely help anyone to realize their own creative potential.

KALAMANDIR besides producing skilled artists it inspires to kindle the artistic sense & urge them to try their hand in art. The director has designed a unique art course which uses simple methods to suit for anyone making it practically possible to draw & paint with ease & joyfully involve in the process of ART making.

Our all art courses  are also designed to suit for online learning . Children and adults painting, sketching & drawing Art classes now happening online .

About the Director

Mr.Suresh is an artist, graphic designer, art teacher, director of kalamandir art school

Deep Fascination towards Art and Artists is the prime induction for his self-learning. He took the path of art although graduated in computer science. The Artist began his art journey working in advertising agencies as graphic artist and illustration artist. He then worked with schools educating children and trained many college students in visual Arts .

His teaching experience spans more than 22 years, Many adults and children benefit from his unique art courses.

These courses throws light on 

The art of painting as hobby

The art of  teaching Art (for young teachers)


He believes “The true purpose of art  is to make the student understand the creative potential is within us , “

By teaching guiding and observing he believes every student can be made talented in art. 

Mr.Suresh specialize in portrait in painting, later moved on working with contemporary style of Art . His contemporary style of painting captures & express human emotions & joyful moments of life.

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