KALAMANDIR Art School has started in Coimbatore in 1996 by Mr.SURESH, a skilled artist, art teacher. The institution being dedicated to art education employs simple, unique & friendly teaching methods. KALAMANDIR believes, through a living artist’s continuous inspiration & an artful environment will surely help anyone to realize their own creative potential & it will urge them to try their hand in art. KALAMANDIR besides producing skilled artists it works to kindle the artistic sense & use it, which is present in all people. The director has designed a unique art course which uses simple methods to suit for anyone making it practically possible to draw & paint with ease & joyfully involve in the process of ART making. All the art courses are directly handled by the director himself.

About the Director

Mr.Suresh is an artist, graphic designer, art teacher, art therapist & director. He made it all, by self-learning, fascinated by ART. He took the path of art although graduated in computer science. The Artist has worked with more than 1000children and adults for more than12 years, teaching, guiding and observing to make them understand the true purpose of art and talented in art. Mr.Suresh specialize in portrait in painting, later started working contemporary style expressing human emotions& joyful moments of life.