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online arts classes for children & adults


We have increased our batches & sessions for online art classes due to the Covid Pandemic lock down. As per number of parents request the current online art classes are modified to fit for screen learning .

Now both children and adults can attend our online art courses –

Children – Regular art courses

Adults – Short hobby Art courses weekly one or 2 session option –

For more details see this link info on online art classes

Kalamandir Art school offers online drawing sketching painting courses for children and adults during this lock down period and after lock down, our regular online art courses will be going on as usual .

Our online Art courses designed for children from age 5 to 16 with 3 levels from BASIC LEVEL, MID LEVEL AND 3RD LEVEL. Classes will be in small groups in video calls ,

Requirements to attend art classes-

Laptop or desktop computer or Tab with front camera, video call app, Mobile phone with whatsapp, a dedicated desk space for drawing , and drawing / painting tools and stationary requirements will be explained during the course.

Art courses for college students to improve their sketching skills to get admission in Visual art colleges, Design and Animation schools, Fashion design schools .

Online hobby painting & sketching Art lessons for Adults & Art lovers

Currently Our art classes are attended by students from Coimbatore, Bangalore, Delhi, Orissa, USA & Dubai. Kalamandir Art courses are offered for children and adults across India and Abroad.

The Art of Drawing, sketching or painting is a visual and hand-mind coordination skill that anyone can learn at any age.

Your involvement and an expert teacher’s guidance will be suffice.

You can learn the Visual Art basics or intermediate or advanced levels of our Art courses through Online. Attend a free trial Art class online to experience your drawing skill level .

You can find needed instructions and steps for the beginners, children, college students and young artists in our course.

To attend children and adults online art classes call 9591593303

For more details see this link info on online art classes